We started off Wednesday with a little overcast and very high winds but pretty excited to find out what we were doing. We were supposed to go to a lady named Pearls house but she didn’t leave the paint out so we went to a mans house named Ron and told we were going to do our favorite thing….SCRAPING houses but we made the best of it. It took us all day for the most part to complete all the scraping and Victoria and Hayley started painting a little of the front of the house just to get a head start. By the end of the day we all had cramping hands from squeezing the scrapers so hard. On Thursday we headed to the same house and all had the mentality to FINISH the house. It was a very hot day and the paint started drying fast but we kept going, Dan was the trooper that went up to the very high peaks of the house with the many many daddy long legs and just painted all the trims and corners that us youth could not reach. As the sun was blazing hot and some of us happened to get sun burned we finished the house right at the end of the work day and as Ron pulled up when we were almost done he said, “it looks like a brand new house!” We all had a good feeling after we knew the owner liked it. As we finished up the day we took a couple of pictures which will be posted soon and loaded up the van and off we went to the beach.


This has truly been an amazing week! Our youth gave 100% to this community and I was very honored to have the opportunity to serve along side each one of these servants of Christ. I was blessed as well to experience Melissa’s passion and love for each of our youth. I would like to personally express my sincere appreciation for Melissa’s dedication to youth ministry. She is an exceptional leader who serves our Lord with her whole heart. She has also been a witness to me. May God always bless and keep her as she moves on with her professional life. I thank God for all that we have experienced this week and pray that our youth will take the fire for service that is currently burning in their hearts back to our own community. Good night all- Dan


Today was the beginning of the end, and yet we continuously meet new people, face new challenges and find joy in situations that we had never expected. Today, we (Tori &Michelle) worked at the sports camp with kids and teens. On Monday we had the sense that we were invading their space; that they new what they wanted to do and they didn’t need any help doing it. But today we began to feel a little less like an intruder and more like a friend. Regardless of where we came from, they welcomed us to join their games- it just took some warming up.

So we ask God to help us be patient with our situation, do everything solely in his name and for his sake as well as the members of the community. I have confidence that tomorrow will be a successful, fulfilling day… We just need to stay positive and be always on the lookout for God’s glory.

Good night all, Michelle

Guess Who

Guess Who

Guess Who II

Guess Who II


Guess Who III


Day 4 OSC


Day 4 Outrageous Sports


Day 4 KidsClub Activities

Cass Lake Day 4 Kids Club

Cass Lake Day 4 Kids Club

Today in Sports Camp with the kids Tori P, Michelle and Melissa played sports all day with the local youth. We played basketball, volleyball, football  and more basketball. After lunch, we went to the boys and girls club as our service project. Tori and Michelle played bored games and lost multiple times at pool. We hope that tomorrow we get to play more games at Sports Club and have a great time at the service project scheduled.

Also, today Tori Maahs, Hayley, McKenna and Dan were at kids club again and had some pretty great experiences. Tori M and Dan have made some pretty close bonds with two kids there. Dan bonded with one kid named Bryant, and Tori M had one with a little girl named Keonna. It has been great getting to know these kids on a personal level and sharing these great moments with them. We hope that they continue to grow as citizens in Gods kingdom.

Signing off,

Big Toe and Little Toe (Tori M and Tori P)

Tori and Michelle

Tori and Michelle challenge the local youth to a bball game at OSC.


Victoria at Kids’ Club.

Hayley, Michelle and Tori

Hayley, Michelle and Tori taking a break with a local.

CassLake_Pic3CassLake_Pic1CassLake_Pic2 Tori & Michelle playing at OSC

Other team members

Cass Lake water tower

We are Grace. We are Swarm. Together we are TLCs youth group.

Grace (our group name for the week) is leading Outrageous Sports Camp (OSC) each morning for the week, and doing service projects each afternoon. Our group gets to plan the events for OSC for the week. Kids in the sports camp typically range from 10-17, although we had a few younger kiddos who wanted to play basketball and kickball too. We enjoyed multiple kickball games, both in and outside, as well a whole lot of basketball. We’ll be back at it tomorrow!!
Team Grace: Michelle, Tori P., Melissa

Team Swamp: Hayley, Victoria, McKenna, Dan

Swamp is leading Kids’ Club for 2 days and doing work projects for 2 days. The youth also get to plan Kids’ Club activities. In kids club we had a lot if opportunity to bond with the kids by giving piggy back rides and hugs. The kids never wanted to be put down. They are very appreciative of the love that is being shown to them by them by the youth.  They are very easily entertained and love the attention. Most of the boys like hanging out together and the girls love to make crafts and have the attention of our girls on them. The first day we all found our buddy for the two days and it was a nice feeling that they felt comfortable around us just in the few hours we were with them.

Evening Activity: We had the opportunity to meet with Andi. She shared a great deal with us about Native American culture and the history of oppression that so many continue to face. There were many artifacts that that are used in various religious ceremonies. We learned two different dances. Andi reminds us all that we are the same on the inside. “Your blood is red and so is mine. We are are all one in the eyes of the creator”.

One of the families on the reservation, Jess, Andi and their son Kelly, treated us to a talk about their culture and led us in a native dance. The video shows the dance

Today was spent driving in the car from 8 ‘Oclock in the morning until we arrived in Duluth, Minnesota at 4 PM. As we arrived, we made a stop on Lake Superior and took a “pizza cruise” where we got a guided tour of the attractions along the shore surrounding. We were served pizza and got to eat it on the top deck of the boat with the breeze blowing through our hair. Despite the fact that both Tori and Victoria got sea sick, we all had a pretty great time. As our boat trip came to an end, we made our way up to Grace Church where we were spending our first night on the road.

Packing….. sunscreen, toothbrush, hat, water bottle, pillow…. check, check, check

As we pack up to head out, I’m reminded to slow down and really think about this trip; it’s not a vacation, it won’t be relaxing, we won’t get much rest, but we will get a whole lot of time to serve, to love on others, to praise and worship, to spread the Good News to the people of Leech Lake and I could not be more ready! Leading a trip can be daunting, stressful and tiring, yet in the end I always feel the most rewarded. Our youth and my brave co-chaperone never fail to amaze me with their joy, compassion, love for others and for life; wow am I blessed!

As I finish my packing tonight and check off the items on my packing list, the most important items aren’t on there…. it’s not my bag that I can’t wait to fill and will be jam-packed, but my heart & my spirit and I could not be more ready!


Hey all, Thank you for your year of support once again!!

A week from today we will be on our way to Leech Lake Reservation in north-central Minnesota. There are 5 youth attending and 2 chaperones. On our way, we will stay in Duluth at Grace Lutheran Church, as well as have a little fun in town.  Stay posted starting Saturday July 25 for new posts from our youth and chaps.

Trinity Lutheran Church

675 E. Algonquin Road
Des Plaines, IL 60016

Phone: 847-827-6656

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